Across The Marsh

“Across The Marsh” was painted en plein air on January 28th, 2019, at Marshland Preserve as part of the Land Arts’s Farm To Table Plein Air Event.
I was late getting out that day because I had to deliver paintings to Gallery 222 for the PWCS Board Show. I arrived at Marshland around 1:30 PM. It was a cold day but it was clear and there was not much wind. This was my first visit to Marshland. I met one of the owners. She was really pleasant, gave me a map and explained the property.
I looked at painting one of the buildings by the parking lot but couldn’t get comfortable with a composition so I wandered down to a marshy area that showed a couple of lakes on the map. I ran into Al Richards who was just completing a nifty pastel looking across Big Bass Lake. I went a little further looked to my right across Little Bass Lake and was hooked. I loved the shapes of water and the colors and textures of the vegetation so I set up my easel and got started.
Things went really well with the drawing and laying in initial washes and mid tones. When I started into darks and detail though I ran into a problem with my paint freezing. I had raw sienna, Ochre and blue slushes in different wells on my palette. This was a new experience. I struggled a bit and then Liz Grieser and a friend came along and gave me a couple of hand warmers to put under my palette which helped a bit and I finished up.

Framed 12 in. x 15 in.

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