George has been interested in art as a hobby for most of his life. A John Nagy drawing set was a favorite gift when he was about 10 years old. His most influential teacher was his high school freshman homeroom teacher who also ran the art club. In high school George painted scenes on windows at Christmas and halloween.

Art took a back seat to a career in Systems Engineering. While he carried a sketch book on most of his travels, most of the entries were work related. In the late eighties a co-worker who carved decoys got George interested in woodcarving. He found he liked working in three dimensions, first carving ducks then shore birds and song birds. George spent many hours on the beach or jetty at Brigantine, where he has a summer home, chipping away at a block of wood to produce a tern or sandpiper. His interests expanded to include sketching and painting as he neared retirement.

George’s current passion is painting landscapes in watercolor. He has been studying the medium for several years in small group classes with Chris Chadwick at the Chester County Art Association in West Chester, Pa. He originally focused on learning techniques for painting elements of landscapes like skies, trees, and rocks, etc. working from photographs. As his skills developed, the classes moved outside and George started working en Plein Air. He participates in a number of Plein Air Events each year and tries to spend at least 1 day a week painting outside, weather permitting.

George is currently a member of the Chester County Art Association, Delaware Valley Art League and Philadelphia Watercolor Society. He plans plein air events for both DVAL and PWCS.

Artist Statement

Nothing is more exciting and challenging than being out in nature and trying to capture the beauty and essence of a particular place at a moment in time.