Self Portrait

“Self Portrait” was painted at Andrew Wyeth’s studio in the morning on June 3rd, 2018. This was the third day of the Philadelphia Water Society’s “On Location: Artists at Brandywine”. This was my first visit to Andrew Wyeth’s studio.
As soon as I arrived on site, at about 7:30 AM, it started to rain. It slowed to a mist in few minutes so I wandered around the property looking for a good location to paint. I settled into a chair on the edge of the lawn by the driveway and drew a few sketches of the front of the property. I was on my way back to the truck to fetch my easel and paints when another artist arrived. We talked a bit and walked around the back of the property. As I passed the window I noticed the green carousel in the bottom right pane and the fantastic reflections of myself, the trees and the field behind in the rest of the window. I had to paint it. It was an over cast day. the shadows on the wall only appeared for one moment. They caught my attention and I tried to put them in.

Framed 13.5 in. x 16.5 in. Available

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