Enjoying The Gazebo

“Enjoying The Gazebo” was painted en plein air on September 5th, 2017 at Barclay Friends in West Chester as part of a Plein Air Event run by the Chester County Art Association (CCAA). This was my second painting of the day.
I had noticed the Gazebo in the Ruth T. Cottom Garden the day before when I had driven to see where Barclay Friends was located and to get an idea of what to expected painting there. I was attracted by the white wood of the Gazebo against the dark green background and all the flowers in front as you walked down the path. I also liked that there was a lot shade there. I was able to stand under a tree and paint the picture.
I really enjoyed painting “Enjoying the Gazebo”. I tried to keep it loose and avoid detail. When I about half done, one of the residents walked up and sat in the structure so I included her in the picture. Unfortunately she left a little before I finished and I failed to get her name.

Framed 11 in. x 14 in. Available

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