The Barns At Longwood

The meadow at Longwood Gardens is one of my favorite places. One of my volunteer activities is taking care of the bluebird trail in the meadow. It’s also my favorite walking path so I spent a lot of time there. I love to watch the colors and textures change in the meadow with the seasons. I particularly like the fall colors.
The barns are in the east portion of the meadow which was opened to the public a few years ago. They originally supported a dairy farming operation which ended in the late fifties. Today they house christmas decorations along with other things.
I painted “The Barns At Longwood” in my studio in the spring of 2018 from photographs taken the prior year and from sketches I have made over several years. Its fall and I was mainly trying to capture the richness of the earth colors in the native plants.

Framed 24 in. x 32 in. Available, Prints, Notecards

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