I Saw A Tree

I saw a painting by Andrew Wyeth called “Crow Tree” which was a study for “Eagle eye” at a exhibition at the Brandywine River Museum. I loved it and it stuck in my head. It became my inspiration.
“I Saw A Tree” was painted in my studio in the summer of 2018. It was based on a photograph I took during a plein air adventure at Barbara Berry’s farm during the fall of 2017. I had finished a painting of a pasture with a couple of horses and was wandering around with my camera looking for material for future paintings. This tree caught my attention. It just looks like a strong sentinel standing over a small gathering place. The colors of the trees were beautiful that day and provided a terrific background for the colors and textures of the tree. I remembered taking the photo when I saw “Crow Tree” and decided to paint it.

Framed 17 in. x 27 in. Available

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