Tall White House In Ridley Creek Park

I walk and paint quite often at Ridley Creek State Park. Its a terrific place with lots of inspiration including the mansion area, the park houses and the creek. I love this particular house. It is located near the entrance to the park at Bishop Hollow Road. It is such an unusual shape it cannot be missed. This view is from the trail along the creek. The house is back in the woods, across the creek and slightly up the hill.
Tall White House At Ridley Creek was painted in my studio during the winter of 2018. I have painted the house a number of times, at least twice en plein air, and I think twice in the studio. This one was based on a painting in my sketch book made in the fall of 2017 and some photographs. It is my favorite, I love the way the colors came out.

Framed 13 in. x 17 in. Available

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