Dawn Is Breaking

I do a lot of walking in many different places. When pressed for time, I walk the loop in my neighborhood, Brandywine Hills. I typically walk down E. Lafayette Drive particularly in the morning. I love the view as I come down the hill approaching Wayne Drive and look across the pasture of the Double M Ranch see the tress on the hill on the other side of Rte 52 begin to glow as the sun rises. On morning in early October, 2018 as I came down the hill there was a streak of gold bouncing off the the edge of the hill in the pasture where the land slopes down to the house and many of the trees in the distances were edged with gold. There was also a group of cows bedded down in the foreground. It was incredibly inspiring, I took some pictures with my cell phone and went home and started painting.

16 in. X 20 in. (Framed)

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