OrKid Day Cattleya

“OrKid Day Cattleya” was painted at Longwood Gardens on March 9th, the third OrKid Day of 2019.
Art was the theme of OrKid Days in 2019. This was my second experience painting on an OrKid Day at Longwood Gardens and it was great fun. The painting was done en plein air in the conservatory of an orchid in a pot.
Numerous guests came by, commented on the painting and asked questions about painting. Many of these admire artistic skill and profess their own lack of talent at art. I try to explain that while there are some people of true genius, much artistic skill is learned and is the result of dedicated practice, experimentation and repetition.
Many of the kids who came by this day seemed younger than those I encountered at my last OrKid Day. A few though did quite nice drawings of the orchids plants in their notebooks.

Unframed 9 in. x 12 in.

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